June 3rd, 2022 one day before my 51st birthday  

I never would have imagined this!  Kids are supposed to bury their parents, not vice versa 😭😭😭

This is a birthday I wasn’t feeling. Now I know why. I told my cousin the day before as I was leaving my office that I was going to skip this birthday and wait until next year to turn 51 and that 50 was a good year, I didn’t want it to end just yet. She laughed, but I was serious.

On the very last day of being 50, I get the call no parent ever wants. Within minutes I went from about to celebrate my birthday to preparing to make arrangements to bury my only child, my big baby, my brat. Of course, he was spoiled because he was the only child. His days here on earth were short-lived. Only God knew the day and the hour.

We have so many great memories, pictures, and funny stories. It hurts but I’m glad God allowed us to have 30 wonderful years with him.

He brought my bday gift to me Thursday night and I asked him why did he bring it so early. He told me that he wanted me to go buy an outfit to match the shoes he and Ebonee bought. I told him “you know I don’t like shopping, I will find something in my closet,” he said no you gotta go buy something new.

Now I know why he brought my gift early. His face lit up as I opened the box.

He loves dressing me and Ebonee. He didn’t want me to throw on anything with the nice Tory Burch sandals they bought. Of course, I went into my closet yesterday and found a T-shirt that matched what I wore to work. He didn’t get a chance to see me wearing his gift 😭

He just turned 30 two months before he died. We don’t know what happened yet but no signs of foul play. He died sitting on his knees leaning on his bed playing the PlayStation game. So that helps me find the peace that he was in a good place mentally. He loves his game systems. He was a homebody person. His 9-year-old son found him. Jr was wondering why he was sleeping in a weird position for hours. He was pronounced dead at his apartment and had been dead for hours.

He was dying as I was leaving my office around 1:00 pm. I went home and slept until 7:00 pm not knowing God was putting him to rest while I was napping.

I don’t take naps but for some reason I was tired. While trying to update my website, I fell asleep with my laptop on the bed with me.

My sister Jeanette Johnson called me as I was waking up from my long nap and asked me what was I doing for my bday. I told her looks like I going to bring it in sleeping 😂 I took off early and took off the whole weekend because it was my bday.

….Now my time turned into mourning time.

I was about to order from King Crab, then I was going to call Eli and Ebonee to come over because he loves seafood boils. I was ordering what he likes for my bday. As I was making the call to order. Ebonee called me screaming as she was trying to rush home from the office.

He will be missed dearly, this is a new chapter in our lives.


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